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Good day. I hope this message finds you well. Note I am grateful for any sort of donation as it should eventually help me reach my goal.

I am currently a 3rd year student at Monash University South Africa. Recently my mother got retrenched from her company she worked for, for almost 20 years.

We received little compensation. We did not expect life to be so expensive and so sudden. No plans were made for this “inevitable “incident. We are struggling as it is, but if I am able to get the amount of money required to complete my Degree. It would make the world of a difference.

I have friends that will support me with petrol money getting to and from the university, but as seen the ultimate goal is to get the tuition fee.

This fee will help pay my final 3rd year of my university fees, which will include all my school books and tuition that is required. I haven’t been able to make it to the university to receive the prices of my 3rd year textbooks. I am basing the estimated cost of what has been giving for the past 2 years of studying.

Note I have added the exact PER UNIT COST at Monash University and roughly estimated the cost seen above.


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