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If I have to tell you our life story, what has happened to us since 2000, people will not believe it. We lost everything a couple of years ago due to a business partner that we trusted and helped, and repaid us by doing us in. Yet, we did not lose our love, self-respect, dignity, perseverance, faith, and integrity.

We fought back to try and regain our lives and things started taking shape. We saw a light in the tunnel. Little did we know that it was a train that was going to hit us hard. Last year EVERYTHING started going wrong. I lost my job (Retired), found another good job (retrenched) then the business was sold.
Since then, I have been trying my best to find a good job with a stable income, but at my age (68) it is almost impossible. I am currently doing freelance jobs which are commission based, working from home trying to make ends meet. Again, I was done in by some people making me lose money.

Due to medical costs for my husband and I, the last six months being in hospital several times, we found ourselves in a bit of financial trouble with debit orders for vital items not being able to go through the past 2 months, which will result in us losing our life policies that we paid for all these years and our only nest egg that we are relying on for our golden years.

We have not had a break in years. We hardly ever go out. NO LUXURIES. My husband has a one-man business. This past November until now has been a dead period in this industry, due to the festive period and clients that have closed for the holidays.

He has worked so hard to get where he currently is and built up such a good credit portfolio and a reputation, that we cannot afford to let it go under. He is working 24/7.THE BEST & MOST SINCERE, KIND, CARING MAN ON EARTH. Business is now again slowly starting to pick up again and hopefully soon we will be in a better position than we currently are in. What has put a nail in the coffin these past few months is the fact that there has been a lot of additional medical costs NOT covered by our medical aid.

I urgently need to go for an operation to have a tumor removed, but cannot afford to have it done. On the first when our debit orders come through there will be no money to cover our medical aid so that means no medical aid anymore. We will lose our life policies and other very important insurances. We will also not be able to get our medication or pay rent, or even fuel for my husband to go to work and pay his suppliers. Friends and neighbours have been assisting us with groceries, which we are very grateful for.

We worked so hard to get back to where we are now. Please, we do not want to lose it all again. Banks are not interested to assist, due to my age and no stable income and my husband’s business is too new from where he draws a salary.

PLEASE, come to our aid. Hear my humble request for help.

Thank you
Be blessed with all your kindness
Ria Bosman


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