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On Friday 30 Oct Wally had a major stroke and was taken by his sister Delene to LTT Government hospital because he was not on any medical aid, there he was discharged without treatment or a diagnosis and Delene was told he would be put on the floor as they had no space. He didn’t even get to see a doctor. We made the decision to take him to Zoutpansberg Private Hospital where he was assessed by Dr Stroebel who suspected a stroke and recommended, he be transferred to Netcare Polusa in Polokwane where he could be assessed by a neurologist. There it was discovered that our Dad had undergone a massive stroke on the left side due to a blockage which is taking up 1/3 of his brain. Unfortunately, it was then more than 8 hours since the stroke occurred, making a full recovery less likely. He is unable to express himself coherently at this point (he has expressive and comprehensive aphasia meaning that his language centres of the brain are badly impacted). We’re still waiting for further testing and assessment; however, he is high risk for a second stroke and it is clear that he has a long and difficult road of recovery ahead, including occupational, speech and physiotherapy. Surgery will most likely be necessary, and he may need medium to long term care, depending on the outcome of surgery and therapy.

Wally is known fondly in the community someone with a true warrior spirit and a passionate and eloquent advocate for the environment and the local communities. With the support of those who love him and value his efforts, Wally will be able to get the treatment he desperately needs in order to have any chance of recovery and getting back to his old, energetic self, and the important work he is tirelessly dedicated to: saving the Limpopo Valley eco-system and heritage, training and activating the youth to fight for the future of our beautiful planet. Thank you so much for your help, every little bit helps.

“Wally; all our thoughts, our hearts are with you in that hospital ward. Never feel alone. You are loved and cherished by all of us who know you. Your legacy has been written with your own hand. We cannot desert you today, not even tomorrow. We’ll stick with you like glue till the end of time. Every human heart that came to know you was touched in an amazing way. We are all Wally Schultz. You are such a great inspiration to every single soul that began to know you. Wishing you to get well soon.” – Elton Makhadi

Costs for private care without medical aid:

    • Ambulance – R6000
    • Hospital Ward – R110 000 (for 8 nights, min)
    • Doctors & Specialist Fees – approx R20 000
    • CT Scans – R5 710
    • Blood tests – R4 254
    • Ultrasound scans – R1 900
    • Echo Cardiograms – R4 439
    • Speech Therapy – approx R16 000 per month for min 3 months
    • Physiotherapy – approx R16 000 per month for min 3 months
    • Occupational Therapists – approx R16 000 per month for min 3 months
    • Medication – approx R5 000 per month ongoing
    • Vascular Surgery – approx R200 000
    • Stenosis – TBC
    • Other medical costs like surgical equipment etc – approx. R10 000
    • Rehabilitation & Care facility upon hospital discharge – R16 500 per month for approx 3 months

Thanking you in advance for your support and generosity.


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