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The Water Bank was founded 2017 during the Western Cape, South Africa’s worst ever water crisis.

Our mission is to help small/medium businesses keep their doors open during the drought. Many companies have lost a lot of business because water cannot be wasted when maintenance of swimming pools, fire sprinkler systems etc. needs to be done.

We at the Water Bank offer an onsite Water Storage by renting out Water Storage Bladders to business so that they can continue offering their services by Storing their clients Water.

We have started renting out Rainwater Tanks as well to Events and Construction Companies that can be filled with non-municipal Water to store Water on site as an alternative. Because these products are so expensive, the short term rental makes it affordable for small/medium size businesses.

We would like to raise capital to invest in more inventory such as Water Bladders and Rain Water Tanks, Pumps and Trailers as we currently can’t supply our demand. Other Provinces in South Africa are turning to Water Storage as well and as a nation we have become more water wise.

The Water Crisis is affecting more and more companies and they are in need of our services to keep their doors open.

Thank you in advance for any contributions to help with the water crisis in Cape Town.

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