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Cape Town is running out of water.  Due to an extreme drought, rainfall has dropped to the point that the dams supplying the city are close to empty.

The photo shows one of the City’s main supply dams.  The white sand should be deep under water.  What is left of the dam level is a narrow stream.

Level 6B water restrictions are in place, restricting the individual use of municipally supplied water.  Flushing of toilets is becoming a major problem as residents are flushing less often, and the pipes are blocking up.  “Greywater” from laundry is used to flush the toilet; however, this water originates from the restricted supply and is inefficient for the toilet.

The rain season is due to begin in April 2018.  Rainfall catchment areas will require the equivalent of 3 seasons of over-average rain and snowfall to refill the dams.  Forecasters are currently not hopeful and are predicting that next summer will be worse than what we are currently experiencing.  We continue to pray and hope that the rains will come.

Water-saving tanks are becoming a must-have for homes.  Connected to the roof guttering of a house, it is possible to harvest 200 litres of rainwater from 2mm of rainfall (depending on roof area).

I am a part-time missionary, living on a tight budget.  I need to install a tank at my home, in preparation for next summer.  With a pump system connected to the toilet, this project will cost in the region of R12 000.00.  Would you be kind enough to assist me to install a tank?

Your gift towards this project will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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