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Payments are made to Campaigners by Close of Business every Friday, 17h00 (CAT). In order for us to process your request to withdraw funds on time, a weekly deadline has been set for every Friday, 09h00 (CAT). Please note that in the event of a Public Holiday falling on a Friday, in such case, the deadline for a Request to Withdraw Funds will move to the day before, namely Thursday at 09h00 (CAT).

Our abovementioned fees are deducted and calculated as follows:

  • Publishing Fee of R369.00 is deductible on your first request of funds withdrawal;
  • Administration Fee is calculated at 5% of donations received;
  • Finance Fee is calculated at 5% of donations received (Online Payment Gateway & Bank Fees); and
  • Forex Fee of 5% (Only applicable to PayPal donations received, from 00:00:00 (CAT) Friday 19th June 2020).

Example of Fee Deductions:

Donations received of R10 000


Less Publishing Fee of R369.00

Less Administrative Fee of 5%, equates to R500.00

Less Finance Fee of 5%, equates to R500.00

Less Forex Fee of 5%, if applicable, equates to R………


Therefore a final payout to you is R8 631.00


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