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This is Xavier, he is our kind, gentle, and loving Rottweiller boy. He is only 5 years old. We need to save his life.

Earlier this week we took him in for x-rays because he had a bit of a limp. We thought it might be an early start to hip dysplasia or arthritis, or maybe even a torn ligament because he loves to run so much. The news we received was far worse. Xavier has osteosarcoma (an aggressive form of bone cancer) in his left front leg. Our only viable option we have to save his life and get rid of the cancer, is amputation.

This however needs to be done quickly to avoid the cancer from metastasizing to his lungs, liver and kidney – because once that happens – then his life is over.

We need your help to keep him part of our family. He has an older deaf Beagle sister, and two human brothers that can’t bear to lose him (and neither can my husband or I).

We need funds for his CT scan, his amputation surgery, medicine, stent bandages, post op appointments and a crate that we can use for recovery.

Please help us save our boy!

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