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Hello, My name is Katherine,

I am a mom of 2 amazing precious boys who deserve everything of the best life has to offer but as hard as it is to face the reality is that due to our financial circumstances im struggling to provide them with opportunities and experiences they deserve to become the best they can be.

My heart is broken and as tough and a strong willed person I usually am I must be honest and say that the current financial struggles and worries of a brighter future for my family are very dim. It is emotionally affecting me, the constant internal stress and worries are actually unbearable.

My husband and I unfortunately lost our jobs during Covid lockdowns and this is what started the financial problems we are now faced with. During the process of trying to get back on our feet my father suddenly passed away from Covid and we had to relocate to try pick up the pieces. This loss unfortunately has made our struggles all the more harder to handle.

We have been living day to day for over a year, survival mode is all we know at this point, it is not ideal for a family to live this way as it is opposite of wanting to create a safe secure happy home for my family.

We have exhausted all of our resources and although it is not easy to ask for help I am reaching out to kindly ask for assistance in helping my family and I to get back on our feet and on a path that we can create a better and brighter future.

Any donation or financial assistance would be used on the following:

Fix our car which broke down beginning of the month.
Groceries and toiletries
Childrens clothing
Any support, guidance, compassion, encouragement or financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am more than happy and willing to provide any further information or answer any questions in more detail on our circumstances if needed.

Thank you for your time and generosity!


Katherine De Angelis

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