Click on the pink icon, START YOUR CAMPAIGN and complete the form. Try to keep your story as short and effective as possible, but not less than 90 words.



Decide on a fundraising target and set as your Goal amount? Eg. R100 000.00



Think of a very good heading, one that will market your Campaign best. Think of your headline as an advertising punch line. One that you believe will grab the attention of your friends, family, colleagues and even the public. Eg. CHANCE IN A LIFETIME – WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

The heading you choose is extremely important. You will literally have seconds to grab the attention of the reader, who will then become a donor. It must be a headline that will convince people to read more. You will only get one shot at it, people will either decide to carry on reading or they will move on.  The heading must cause people to want to click ‘n donate to you and/or your Campaign. Good luck, holding thumbs for you and your Campaign to be successful.

VERY IMPORTANT: No hashtags can be used in Campaign heading, please avoid using #.



Your Campaign will need 3 (three) different images. Choose 3 good pictures or take 3 really great photo’s that best describes and markets your Campaign. Remember the images you choose will be speaking for you and your Campaign. Again, in the same way your heading must grab your reader’s attention and interest, your images must do the same.



The success of your Campaign is dependent on how much you drive it. It is vitally important that you drive your Campaign and do not only rely only on Click ‘n Donate marketing to raise funds for your Campaign. Click ‘n Donate works best when used as a non-interpersonal platform for you and your donors to donate to you and/or your campaign.



You drive your Click ‘n Donate Campaign to success by sharing your Campaign on and across all social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and email databases i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, msn or Outlook accounts. You can share your Click ‘n Donate Campaign by simply copying and pasting the Click ‘n Donate Campaign link, i.e. the URL address that we send you. The idea is to get your campaign to be shared as many times as possible with the ultimate goal of your campaign going viral by sharing your Click n Donate link, the URL address;



Share your Click ‘n Donate Campaign link on all your social media accounts and timelines;


Share your Click ‘n Donate Campaign link onto your friends, family and colleagues social media timelines. Remember to ask them if they can do the same for you.

Get as many of your social media connections, followers, friends to share your campaign on their social media with their friends, family and work colleagues; 


Send an email via your Yahoo, Gmail and/or Outlook account to those in your address book. Write to them asking them to assist you in your fundraising Campaign. Share and ask them to click on your Click ‘n Donate Campaign Link that you will include in your email body. Also ask them to forward your email to their email address book of friends, family and colleagues. Thank them in advance for doing so.


Get your friends, family and work colleagues to help you raise funds by not only sharing your Click ‘n Donate Campaign link, the URL address, but by talking about it to everyone they know and simply telling them about Click ‘n Donate’s website, and to do a search for your Campaign name and to donate;


Follow the 5 Steps and repeat, repeat and repeat again and again!

By following and repeating these 5 simple steps, as often as you can, you are sure to increase your chances of success.

To download and print HOW DO I DRIVE MY CAMPAIGN TO SUCCESS pdf, please click here





In order to track your donations you would simply need to revert to your Campaign page on the Click n Donate website and view the Green Bar indicator which will reflect the value of donations received. In addition, you are able to request an update from our Donations Department on a weekly basis too. Kindly note that Offline Donations do not always reflect immediately as they are activated manually every Friday, on a weekly basis.



Effective from 00:00:00 (CAT) Friday 19th June 2020.


Click ‘n Donate is a Non Profit Company (NPC) that operates with a minimal staff compliment. Our staff are employed to publish Campaigns and assist campaigners with queries. We therefore, as a NPC, have had no other option other than to introduce a Publishing Fee to secure their income. The Publishing fee is either prepaid or deducted from the Campaigners first withdrawal subject to the approval of the Campaign by Click n Donate.


  1. Publishing Fee of R369.00
  2. Administrative Fee of 5% (Reduced from 10% to 5% from 00:00:00 (CAT), Tuesday 19th November 2019)
  3. Finance Fee of 5% (Online Payment Gateway & Bank Fees)
  4. Forex Fee of 5% (Only applicable to PayPal donations received, from 00:00:00 (CAT) Friday 19th June 2020).



Payments are made to Campaigners by Close of Business every Friday, 17h00 (CAT). In order for us to process your request to withdraw funds on time, a weekly deadline has been set for every Friday, 09h00 (CAT). Please note that in the event of a Public Holiday falling on a Friday, in such case, the deadline for a Request to Withdraw Funds will move to the day before, namely Thursday at 09h00 (CAT).

Our above mentioned fees are deducted and calculated as follows:

  1. Publishing Fee of R369.00 is deductible on your first request of funds withdrawal;
  2. Administration Fee is calculated at 5% (five percent) of donations received; and
  3. Finance Fee is calculated at 5% of donations received (Online Payment Gateway & Bank Fees).

Example of Fee Deductions:

Donations received of R10 000


Less Publishing Fee of R369.00

Less Administrative Fee of 5%, equates to R500.00

Less Finance Fee (Online Payment Gateways) of 5%, equates to R500.00


Therefore a final payout to you is R8 631.00

To WITHDRAW FUNDS, please click here


Monday to Friday
Open 09h00 (CAT)
Close17h00 (CAT)


To download and print HOW IT WORKS pdf, please click here



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