Click & Donate supports Mrs. Globe South Africa 2022 finalist, FAHIMA DE WITT

with her ongoing campaign to raise funds for abused women & children, feeding schemes & against human trafficking.


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Fundraising Worldwide, Click 'n Donate
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Welcome to Click ‘n Donate. For fundraising South Africa, fundraising USA, fundraising UK & many more, look no further.

Click ‘n Donate is a Worldwide fundraising Website.  This allows people from all over the world to run and drive their campaigns along with telling their story with the intention of obtaining financial assistance from local and international communities; from colleagues, friends and family; or from local and/or international philanthropists. Click ‘n Donate connects campaigns and stories to people throughout the World and gives everyone the opportunity to be a philanthropist, irrespective where they are situated in the world or the size of their donation.


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In August 2014, Click ‘n Donate, together with FUN Sports Events, held a social and fun Pool Tournament to raise funds for the Northern Suburbs Anti-Animal Cruelty League branch in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Tournament was held to raise enough money to purchase blankets for the shelter, in order for them to keep the puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats warm during the winter season in their covered kennel environment.

We were successful in raising enough money to supply such, just short of a 100 blankets, to Anti-Animal Cruelty League. This was an absolute privilege to have been part of this event.



PHOTO: The Champions, from left to right: Mr. Shaun Kenniford (4th Place) from Edgemead, Mr. Garth Babin (1st Place) from Welgemoed, Mr. Peter Flicker (3rd Place) from Milnerton and Mr. Shaun Bougard (2nd Place) from Durbanville.

Go fund me Fundraising and Crowdfunding website


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