Fundraising Worldwide, Click 'n Donate
Fundraising Worldwide, Click 'n Donate

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*THE LIFE OF LITTLE *WEALTH* *who has cancer at 4 years old*

This is Wealth. She is 4 years old since she was born on 16 of April 2018. When we had her, we were amazed by how healthy and beautiful she looked she was not sickly as a child or have health related issues, she seemed to have an outstanding energy, walked faster than any other kids, talking and always with as huge smile. She was normal like other kids and love having a lot of fun with her big sister Favor.  But this one day we noticed she seemed to get weak ,lazy, just eating and sleeping and looking always exhausted. Playing less and less every day. It wasn’t like her.

Her daddy and me, started getting worried and confused, we visited  many pediatricians, and no one could tell us what the matter with her was. But she kept  getting sicker.

Seeing that her life was slipping away from her, we decided to take her to Tygerberg Hospital that’s when they told us that  her iron level was lower than the normal and when the results came,  the  Dr said our daughter WEALTH has cancer (leukemia).

All my life I have prayed all the time for kids with cancer cause that is the worst nightmare of every parent. I wished on nobody and now our daughter had it.

Our world ended just that there on that day. There was no other happiness left, we went downhill ever since. There are no words for the pain of seeing a baby suffer all day every day. Knowing that destiny put Wealth on  death low is the absolute worst.

Seeing how Wealth has still   have dreams of becoming a pilot or a doctor when she grows up, breaks all our souls.

She is naturally a happy child, full of joy and happiness,  she has a big sister (Favour) who she plays with and share all the fun time with.

But now  her energy keeps declining,  and she can’t play as she used to anymore.

When you are a parent, and you see your child going through so much pain your life gets dry inside of you and you wish for you to die in their  place or just give them your days and  life so that you suffer into her place just not seeing your tiny and fragile baby into constant pain vomiting  and diarrhea. Calling out to you to help her.

The treatment requires planned diet that is very expensive to keep up with, we didn’t have anything before, but we tried everything and sold everything so that we can at least fight for her. But our situation very quickly got worse.

Our life has changed completely, chemo made her went bald, so I decided to cut my own hair with her in order to support and show her that we are in this together, we  encourage her at all time.

Most of the time we do not meet up with diet  plan and all medications required of us due to finance.

That’s the reason we created this Click ‘n Donate campaign to see if anybody will be willing to help us. Although we are a tiny part of those who suffer in the world, we still pray for others too who suffer to get help they need.

We even volunteer in hospitals when we have time to help physically other cancer patients.

Now if anybody feel like they can bless us with even a coin, may the God Almighty bless you abundantly and if not financial help, please raise us in prayers and pleas for us before God, along with other patients and you will be equally blessed.

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