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Many of our children wish to wear clean clothes and look neat, but because of their home circumstances, it is impossible for them. I believe if we could work together as a nation, even crime would decrease. The reason why I say crime will decrease is because, some parents involve themselves in criminal activities so that they can hustle for their children to get school uniforms. Most children get teased when they have old school uniform more especially old school shoes and socks that have holes.

It would be a great honour if you would help in donating R2, R5, R10 so we can reach at least R20 000 to buy each struggling child a full set of uniforms. Let’s help at least more than 200 children. We will be donating to different schools. We will also be donating sanitary pads for girls; it has been hard for schoolgirls using cloths when they on their time at school. It is an important issue because the girls end up feeling uncomfortable with cloths and I believe them getting pads will also raise their self-esteem.

Let’s work together as a nation in helping young people as January is coming, we know a lot of our children won’t have stationery. I decided to start this donating campaign so I can help young people overcome their daily challenges, to better their self-confidence. I sincerely ask those who have a generous heart of giving to help me with donations. Let’s advocate, join hands and bring change into our community.

As I looked at the Bible, Luke 6:38 it said, give to others. Giving is an attempt to join the fight against poverty and keep child attending school.

We are also aiming to open a feeding scheme at schools of children who really need. Any amount you offer will be highly appreciated. I believe that when children have less worries concerning their school uniform, they could do better when it comes to their results. When winter comes, children often get sick due to not having school jerseys or school shoes. It saddens me that we as adults are turning a blind eye to this matter whereby, we should at least work with each other in helping needy children. These innocent souls can’t buy themselves uniform, they need us to help them.

Help us donate to these young people, any amount will be accepted. Let’s at least reach R20 000 to help as many children as we can. Let’s work together in helping every child have a privilege to have a full school uniform and have stationary. If you have an old school uniform or extra sanitary pads, you are also welcomed to donate so we can start immediately with the campaign.

Thank you for your time in reading

Yours faithfully

Sifiso Khumalo


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