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It is a long story, a complicated and difficult one, but news came to me that my sister has been offered work in Cape Town. She and her kids were close to being homeless. Now, for anyone from SA, you all know how hard it is to find work. Even more concerning as she had studied law, all her life, worked all her life but has been dealt the most rotten cards. A lifelong friend I am eternally grateful for has helped her find work. But she now has a big hill to climb to get her and her kids from one side of the country to the other.. in one piece.

She has very little money, as she is a single mum with no financial support. If any of my South African friends can help her, with arrangements or donations, please help her move successfully. Those who know about the struggles in the ‘rainbow’ nation, life is not easy. Harder if you feel alone and in fear of your future for you and your kids.

I will be eternally grateful ✌️ &?

Thanking you in advance for your contributions.

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