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My name is Jaden, I’ve got a little furry baby who needs your help.

Below is the situation our family is currently facing told from my big teddy bear’s point of view (as a diary entry):

2020/10/13 – Tuesday

Dear Diary,

My name is Tank, this is me (the picture). I am from a town called Johannesburg which is located in South Africa, I am a totally awesome, loveable, cute, sometimes energetic but mostly lazy ball of fur. I am currently 7 years old and up until recently I’ve been going at it quite strong. I’ve recently had surgery for a hematoma near my belly and I think I’m doing good for now in terms of that injury, but my dad seems to be in a bit of a bind financially, because of the surgery, he has had to use up all of his savings and maxed out all of his credit cards (He told me it doesn’t matter because he would do anything for me). While giving me a nice scrub today (FINALLY!! since I wasn’t able to bath until I healed a lil bit) he noticed something that wasn’t right. My ear was smelling a bit wonky and I kind of scratched a lil too hard (IT WAS SO ITCHY; I couldn’t help it). He was so worried when he saw blood, he quickly checked my ear and saw that I had a mass or growth, growing in my ear. He told me it didn’t look to good and gave me tons of treats to make me feel better. I like treats, and bones …. and my stick, it’s my favourite (speaking of stick, I should probably go fetch him, its cold outside tonight). So, as I was saying before snacks and my stick distracted me, I’ve got a growth in my ear and we’re not too sure if it’s a tumour or just an infection, I’m going to the vet tomorrow to have him take a look at it. For now, I’ll rest and gather my strength for the battle with “The Piercer” … get it? because of the needles lol.

2020/10/14 – Wednesday

Dear Diary,

I didn’t sleep too well last night, my ear kept bothering me and started bleeding a lot more than yesterday, it was quite painful. It wasn’t all bad since Dad stayed up with me to make sure I was okay; we played some video games and ate quite a bit. He tried his best to take my mind off of the pain, I should thank him for that somehow, maybe I’ll chew one of Dad’s shoes, he always laughs when I do. I went to the vet today. Doc says I’ve got an external ear canal tumour, ceruminous gland adenocarcinomas (malignant) to be exact, he says we caught it in time but he’s gonna need to operate again to remove. Wish me luck.

Thank you for taking the time to read what my little baby Tank had to say. I would be extremely grateful for any and every donation, every cent or share counts towards helping my boy who means the world to me. As he stated above, I would do anything for him. My family and I do not normally ask for help but because of the unforeseen circumstances the pandemic has brought upon us, it makes it quite difficult for us to help and care for Tank as there are no public hospitals for animals or any free care facilities around for us to take him to. Tank has gotten me through many tough times and not only me but my entire family as well and it breaks my heart that I cannot be there for him when he needs me the most.

Once again, I would be immensely grateful for any support you can provide in order to get Tank healthy and happy again, even if it’s a share. The doctor says surgery could be from $1500 upwards.

Thanking you in advance for your support and generosity.


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