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I’m 25, like most of you reading this you’d be thinking “Am I where I envisioned myself to be?”. Regretting the opportunities you’d could have grabbed, but let them slip away because you thought “Perhaps one day”. Well, I want to say “I can’t believe I finally did it”. I was always curious about people’s lifestyle, thoughts, patterns and behavior ever since I was a little girl. So I pursued my studies in Psychology, although studying online is great, especially for self-discipline and pace of work, but unfortunately, I’m lacking the hands on experience I need.

I have completed 30 modules to obtain my degree, so after having completed it not only was I overjoyed, I was aching to travel; aching for adventure. Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury or finances to study and travel. When I stumbled across these study abroad programs’ I HAD to hop on board, but due to lack of funds I’m afraid my window is closing. I am currently looking for internships overseas, preferably to gain that independent exposure. Most programs are looking for R40 000 excluding flights and accommodation. Since I’m not working I will have to raise the money to further my education and experiences. You can imagine the pickle I am in.

My goal is to work in Japan for a bit, see the amazing country I’ve dreamed to visit someday, stay in Bali and do a mental health awareness program where I can reach out to children and adults, and understand the illness better; especially after having experienced people very dear to me suffering from it. I’d like to explore, go on an adventure and help people in the process of my magnificent journey.

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