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Salam alaikum,

Greetings to the entire community globally,on behalf of Al-aman Islamic foundation we are kindly requesting for your support upon this coming Ramadan inshaallah, kindly requesting for your support upon vulnerable people who are willing to fast but don’t have meals, like IFTAR, please help those in need inshaallah.may the almighty God accept your service Inshaallah.The prophet (s.a.w) said he who feeds a person fasting is worth the house of Allah,he is granted good deeds as well as the person fasting, through your donation we pray Allah to provide you with all you need on earth and akhirah.Allah (s.a.w) says no man knows when he will be called upon to face his creator and you can present are the good deeds you left behind,let this be that reason, Allah will grant you janat firdaus, forgive you all the wrong you did with or without your awareness inshaallah.may Allah accept your service inshaallah Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakat

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