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My name is Lisa, and in 2016 I was diagnosed with Major Depression and was hospitalised. What happened after this is vague. I was prescribed tranquilizers and sleeping tablets for extreme insomnia, it was meant to be taken for a period of three weeks. I was never told this and took them every night as told by my psychiatrist. I took these pills for a year.

Soon I was addicted and my life spiraled out of control. I am now 4 months pill-free and back at university with a completely different outlook on life. When I was recovering my mom and dad got me a therapy dog called Daisy and she was my nurse. I would not have been able to handle the withdrawals of the drugs if I did not have that dog. When my hands shook, I could hug her and when I needed to cry a bit, she would sit patiently and nudge me for a hug when I cried too loudly. As I’m back at university, Daisy is with my parents, and I miss her to death.

I really want to adopt a cat to maintain my mental health, but also to give some baby a home and for this, I need your help. The adoption fee is R650 and that is all I’m trying to raise. Please donate if you can. Thanks. -Lisa

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