A family should never be apart

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This is my little girl. She is my baby and an integral part of our family. As her mother, I am what is best for her. Being at home with us, her family, is what is best for her.

I am a single mother, I don’t get maintenance. I am the sole responsible parent for my children. Things may be difficult from time to time financially, but I always do whatever I have to in order to ensure my children’s needs are met. They are very loved and cared for. There is no abuse in any form in our household.

On the 23rd of February 2023 my daughter was removed from me, based on lies. Due to the nature of the allegations my daughter was removed prior to child welfare doing an investigation. There was and is no evidence of abuse, as the allegations are entirely false.

On the 10th of March we had our first hearing, and I was granted supervised visits for 2 hours, on a Wednesday and Thursday. The case was postponed to the 3rd of May in order for the investigation to be concluded by a court appointed social worker from Child Welfare.

After complying, and fighting for my child in the background it was found the allegations are false. My daughter was able to be with me over weekends and school holidays until the court had made the order to be placed back with me.

Unfortunately the best laid plans do not always work. I had a private social worker who assisted, however they are not the court appointed social worker. The judge also advised against legal aid, but said I needed a lawyer, so I made sure to have this in place.

Child welfare closed temporarily due to budget issues between themselves and the department of social development. Unfortunately this took place approximately two weeks before our court hearing and the court appointed social worker did not appear, nor was the report on the investigation submitted. The private social worker’s report can supplement but not replace the report by the court appointed social worker.

We were back in court this morning, only for the matter to be postponed again. The legal costs are piling up, and I cannot keep up.

What still needs to be done is the following:

1. Court appearance when the court appointed social worker submits investigation.
2. Consultation with attorney to discuss the response to allegations and investigation findings
3. Drafting and submission of answering affidavit
4. Court appearance to argue the merits of my case, and hopefully have my daughter placed back home.
5. Fees for filing, correspondence, as well as travel for the attorney.

I am needing to raise approximately R45000.00 for legal and all other costs, and have to put down a further R10000.00 deposit asap in order to retain the attorneys services.

I know it is a big ask. I know it is nobody else’s responsibility. I also know this is my child and I need to put aside my pride and fight with all I have.

I have attached as much evidence as I can.

If you can please help in any way, it would mean a world of difference to us, a chance for us as a family to be together as we should be.

If you could please also share it would be appreciated so much more than you know.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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