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Click ‘n Donate was founded in October 2014, by our Operations Director who started the NPC idea as a result of his nephew landing up in ICU after a fatal car accident and without any medical aid.

The bills piled up for him and his father had to step up to the plate to assist. Still with over a half a million rand in bills, not anyone could or can lay out that kind of money and as a result of the high medical bills, family and friends soon got together to see how they could raise funds; and thus by executing 2 (two) successful golf days, an entertaining potjie kos day and a fun table tennis tournament they raised close to R200 000. It was during this process that a friend of his nephew suggested to run a campaign on a crowd funding site. Unfortunately, at the time, there was no crowd funding site that would facilitate a campaign by South Africans and thus Click ‘n Donate was born; and so this is where Click ‘n Donate finds itself now… helping the rest of South Africa.




Christiaan Lamprecht
B.Com (Accounting)
Financial Director

Christiaan’s interest in finance and investments motivated him to obtain his B.Com Degree (Accounting), at the University of Johannesburg.

He started his career with Ernst & Young in 1997. In January 2000, he decided to advance his career by making it his primary focus to acquire a vast amount of experience through various Property Finance and Managing companies.

This, after gaining over 19 years of extensive experience with the various Accounting and Property firms, would eventually lead Christiaan to launching his own accounting practice in January 2013, namely QPS. He now has an impressive Client base that compliments itself across the business spectrum.

In addition to his career, Christiaan values his family and the power of education. He is completely zealous about helping others further themselves and achieve a higher education, irrespective of their backgrounds and no matter what career path they might choose. We believe with 22 years in the Financial Profession that the selection of Christiaan as the Financial Director of Click ‘n Donate affixes huge value to the NPC.

Natascha Miller
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
Public Relations Director

Natascha is a single and loving mother to two small children who absolutely adore her. She comes with a number of attributes and talents.

Natascha is an Attorney with a Cape Town firm of Attorneys and is passionate about Property and Commercial Law.

She is also a Former Mrs Cape Town Semi-Finalist (2016); hence she has actively been involved in a number of charities over past years and believes in the importance of giving back, helping others, making a difference in the community and people’s lives.

Natascha was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2016 and is enthusiastically fighting the battle on a daily basis. Through many of her life’s challenges that she has experienced, she has found great comfort in doing things for the less fortunate.

Natascha values her family and people. She hopes that she will be able to make the difference that people need and that is required on a larger scale as the Public Relations Director of Click ‘n Donate.

Patrick Bougard
Operations & Marketing Director

Patrick was the captain of his own ship from the young age of 21 and sailed on his own for close to 27 years before entering the corporate world. He brings a total of 31 years in sales and marketing to the table with a background, as a Principal, in Residential Property and, as a Proprietor, in the Sales & Merchandising Industry.

Patrick is committed to never ending improvement and is fanatical about attention to detail. He believes that the corporate environment will increase his business knowledge and operations experience; which will allow him to express his talent as the Operations & Marketing Director of Click ‘n Donate.

In addition, Patrick has an impressive sporting career with Provincial Colours in Hockey and Karate. He has competed on a National Level in Hockey and is a Former South African All Styles Karate Champion (2011).

Patrick is driven by family values and the will to succeed. He is obsessed with helping people reach their dreams. He believes that we are all born to shine and should be given the opportunity to do exactly that.

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