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My name is Erin Brunette, I’m a 39 year old woman and I’ve been through a great ordeal in the last 5 years. I lost everything to an abusive partner in 2022 and block-by-block, I’ve been rebuilding my life with the help of my amazing family and friends.


I’m a Biokineticist by profession; I help people to rehabilitate from orthopedic injuries, spinal injuries and conditions and other debilitating conditions. This is an absolute passion for me; a calling that fills me with purpose and joy.


Unfortunately, during the time I was in this toxic relationship, I lost my practice and my professional registration; which I’m working very hard to get back (I have to do 800 practical hours to restore my registration with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa).
I’ve had two cervical cancer scares which I’ve had treatment for and luckily I’m now clear.


Just as I thought that I was finally heading upwards and forwards, I found a lump in my breast. After my GP sent me for a mammogram and sonar, the radiographer wasn’t happy and suggested a biopsy (which my very generous brother has paid for). The biopsy results returned with the very distressing news that I have Triple negative breast cancer. This is a very aggressive and fast growing cancer which is not as responsive to treatment as other non-negative types.


As I don’t have Medical cover for Private treatment (which is very expensive in South Africa) I’m having to use the Public Healthcare system to get treatment. This is very scary and also troubling, as I’ve been informed that I will need chemotherapy as well as radiation due to the aggressiveness of this cancer and it’s risk of recurrence.


My chemo starts soon but due to shortages of resources in this country’s Healthcare system, there is a strong chance that I will not be able to get the radiation therapy that I need through the Public Healthcare system. I’m therefore in dire need of your financial assistance to ensure I can survive this cancer, make a full recovery and limit the chance of it recurring.


Every donation I receive, no matter how big or small, will go towards my cancer treatment and ease the pressure on my family and friends; who have helped me in every way they can so far. I will be truly grateful for any help that you can offer.


Thank you kindly for helping to get the treatment I desperately need.

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