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My name is Sam (16) I’m from Sydenham, Durban. I’m doing grade 11.

I live in informal settlements in Sydenham, so I’m struggling to do school work as my parents cannot afford to pay for WiFi so that I can be able to do my school work so I have to walk a long distance to a library just to get internet and sometimes I find the library closed or the internet is down .

I’ve seen that I’m not the only one struggling for internet in this place, there’s others who also have the same problem I have, we have to leave our homes even if it is raining just to get internet at the library and it is like 30km from us .

Me and my three friends we’ve come up with an idea that we know will be the solution to our problem, we want to purchase a WiFi that will able to supply internet to everyone in the community and they will pay a certain small amount every month so that we will be able to pay its bill

we would really appreciate your donation, any amount will make a difference

Thank you for your time

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