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We have had 36 hours of rain once again, it was quite severe… lots of multimillion-rand houses will have to be completely demolished and some collapsed and left people homeless.

Roads have been damaged cutting parts of suburbs off and leaving some residents trapped on what now resemble islands.

Roads have been destroyed. A section of this community has now been cut off with people trapped on the other side.

The SA Weather Service warned of torrential rain from 3pm on Saturday until 11pm on Sunday which could lead to widespread flooding of roads and settlements that would endanger lives and displace communities in the area.

It has been reported that over 30,000 employees across the manufacturing industry are out of work because of the floods last month that killed 448 people.

This means that employees could be without pay for about three months.

We plead to anyone who can assist with any amount of donations.

We thank you in advance.

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