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In light of the recent campaigns in SA to ban Pitbulls and as proud Pitbull owners, we would like to help save SA’s Pitbulls from being banned from SA. We believe that every Pitbull is an individual, and therefore should not be judged as a breed. It is important to understand that dogs which have been neglected or abused either physically, mentally or emotionally are more likely to attack their owners and people around them. Any breed of dog will turn on its owner or other people if they are abused, mistreated, threatened, or feel insecure – not only Pitbulls.

The culture of dog fighting and irresponsible breeding has contributed to the Pitbull’s bad reputation. Remember, not all Pitbulls are dangerous by nature. Many poor bred Pitbulls or Pitbulls used for the wrong purpose can be rehabilitated through proper training and socialization. Every single Pitbull deserves to be loved and cared for in a happy home. Dogs are not just dogs – they are part of your family. If this is not the way you will be raising your dog, please do not get one.

Your contribution will assist us to support Pitbull organizations in rehabilitating and rehoming, as well as educate the general public on the breed. As we live in a rural area, most individuals are poorly educated about the breed. If you are a Pitbull lover, and care about the breed, please help us in supporting this campaign.

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