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My name is Dominique Jacobson. I am 20 years old. My dream is to study in the UK. I have been put on conditional offer by Winchester University to study Economics and Finance, but I have no way of acquiring a loan or self-funding my studies.

I am an international student and therefore my tuition costs more. One of the requirements of the UK is, that I will need to have the first year of tuition fees, plus a large amount of living expenses upfront, in order for me to obtain my visa.

The requirements I need to meet in July are as follows:

£12 950 + £ 5 400 in my account for 28 days before I apply for the visa.

Naturally, this large amount seems impossible for me to earn by myself, that is why I’m looking for assistance. I am not looking for donations because I do not want to work for the money.  My goal is only the majority of the amount that I require upfront for the visa. I am working hard to earn as much money as I can towards my goal.

You may think my campaign is selfish, but I have really looked at all avenues to obtain the funds needed. This campaign is my last hope to help me financially towards all the costs. For years, this has been the goal I want to achieve and now it may become a reality.

Any contribution made would be highly appreciated and it would definitely be life-changing for me.

Thank you”

Kind Regards,

Dominique Jacobson


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