R10 of R500 000 raised

Have you seen the kids walking to school with torn school shoes and uniforms, or do you remember the one who sat next to you in class? Have you seen the poor guy at the robot with his matric certificate, begging for coins and pleading for a job of any kind? Or the young unemployed mother trying to stretch her grant money to feed her kids and get them to school the whole month while relying on community handouts to get through? What about the young girl or guy who is forced to sleep around to provide for themselves?

This is the vicious cycle of poverty in our society, and you can help end it with whatever small donations you can afford from as little as R10, R100, R1000, whatever you can afford.
Our aim is to empower the helpless, focusing on inspiring a culture of entrepreneurship, providing business learning materials, creating business networks within their communities that they can feed off, and assisting nurture their own businesses. But we need your help.

Ending poverty, we must understand that we must 1st open the minds of the poor to possibilities far within their current reaches. We aim to end poverty by going into communities of all races and seeking out youth in dire need of financial assistance and equipping them with the necessary skills, helping them fund their own micro enterprise business. We believe that we can end poverty by simply helping those who don’t have – learn how to create their own wealth.

Proceeds will go towards learning materials, Infrastructure needed to facilitate their daily, business operations, Soup kitchens, community gardens, Funding of school items for school going children, etc.

We are not just bringing hope, but providing platforms towards sustainable personal development of poor households.

Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for life.


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