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My name is Neville Ndhlovu. I was born and raised in Mpumalanga, Nelspruit. In one of the small towns and underprivileged villages. Growing up, I was not exposed to the internet or media that much because our village was one of the poorest. Some of us had parents who managed to buy us Televisions which made it better to get exposed to media, although it was not much.

After finishing my matric, I had to move to the city, Johannesburg to further my studies. The transition and change made me develop other dreams other than the one I was pursuing.
I saw how big the media industry, but it was based in the big cities only. I grew a passion out of this. I wanted to become a freelancer not only for fame but also for change and introducing media back home.

I thought of my background. How I grew up. My community. The kids and youth in my village not exposed to these things. I wanted to make a change, I self-taught myself how to use a camera. Take pictures and videos, This passion grew to a business idea.
It never occurred as a business only, but I wanted to help my community too. Create job opportunities, teach young children how to use cameras. Introduce them to the internet. The media platform.

My dream is to start my own freelancer company,  own a media company that will be broad.
People in my village still believe in the traditional way of doing weddings and parties (ceremonies). I saw a gap there. I want to document their ceremonies for them to keep as memories.

The vision I have will not only benefit me, but I will also be creating job opportunities. I will also be able to teach them how to become photographers. Help them become the next photographers, influencers, media personalities, artist and more amongst the media circles.

Although I had the opportunity to be exposed to the media, it is difficult for a village person to accomplish their dreams without any help. I do not have any influences whatsoever or a carrying hand. But that will never stop me from achieving this dream.

My biggest goal right now is raising funds to get the equipment required to start my business and accomplish my vision.
I need to buy everything from scratch. From a camera , lenses , lighting and more needed to make my work perfect and attractive. I had to work out everything that is required, and it came to a sum of R110 000.

A donation of R100 to any amount you wish to give will be appreciated, I sincerely appreciate every one of you for admiring my dreams by donating to this campaign which will not only benefit me but will change many lives. Whatever you donate will go to the equipment needed. May you all stay blessed while you help me.

Thank you.
Neville Ndhlovu

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