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I’m 30 years old. I started working on my 16th birthday, and have had a stable job ever since. After years of working in order to support myself, without asking for any financial help from family or anyone else, I paid my own bills and got by. But as life does, it came with its own string of numerous setbacks and hardships, and after being as strong and independent as I could my whole life, I eventually had a full-on nervous breakdown in December 2017, which nearly killed me, due to personal, financial and professional stress.

I am to de-motivated to go back to work, I realized that I needed to make a big change in my life, and reassess what I’m doing with it. It’s difficult to do when you still have to worry about paying bills and getting by.

This was when I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, by an extremely kind friend of mine, living in the USA. I’ve been offered a place to stay, completely free of charge, for as long as I need (or my visa will allow) somewhere new. So I can get a change of scenery, break the cycles I have created for myself, reset, heal, and reassess what to do with my life going forward. No strings attached. The only thing I need to do is buy my own flight tickets from South Africa to get me there and back.

Before you think this is a setup and I’m likely to get kidnapped and sold as a human slave, I actually know this person well. I have met them in person numerous times over the years, and have also had the opportunity to visit them in the states previously.

Please help me take this opportunity to regain my sanity, and start over with a fresh perspective. I also want to take my puppy with me, as he is such an important part of my life and played a huge role in helping me to keep going.

Thank you for your support, and for helping me get my happiness back.


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