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Kayleigh was diagnosed in 2016 with a hearing impediment, due to a perforated eardrum. Luckily, this was picked up by her amazing speech therapist. After years of chronic antibiotic use for her chronic respiratory issues from birth, due to her being a Cystic fibrosis carrier, she developed this ear problem. Her ENT surgeon has said she can only be operated on to fix this when she turns 8yrs old if we are lucky. Until then it is routine checkups every 3 to 6 months with the ENT surgeon, as well as hearing checks.

For now, we have to fit her with a Phonak hearing aid in her left ear. It’s R13 000 and my medical aid has paid R4 000 of it. Kayleigh is 5yrs old and in grade R. She needs this badly if she doesn’t get it her school work will be affected and she won’t be able to progress to grade 1.

Please help my monkey bum.

Thanking you in advance for your contributions.

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