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Good day to everyone

I started a company 8 months ago to assist the homeless in South Africa Cape Town. So many are sleeping in the streets here. I had a website created, legally registered the business as a cleaning business, developed a strategy, went to research extensively and funded all of this with a salary I received from a full time job. Then I found an investor, a friend, who would provide capital for the first 3 months and then the registered cleaning business would generate enough money to have us assist more homeless people. I got a team together and quit my job and he has now said he cannot fund me for the 3 months anymore.

I have used all my resources. I need help financially, I have thought of giving up and returning to my old job, but my heart won’t let me. I have to assist my people and teach them how to think in order to grow. I know God made everyone perfect, but I believe I wouldn’t have this burning desire unless the homeless people were praying for someone to assist them. If you have any way of assisting me, I would appreciate it. Thank you


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