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Trying to help my friend bury her husband they have been married for 20 years…

Here is her story

Dear Friends and Family. As you all know the love of my life and my best friend the last 20 years passed suddenly on Saturday afternoon.  You all know we have never been financially well off, especially since I was forced to take early retirement.

We had planned for if something had to happen to one of us, that we would be covered.

I spent the last 10 years while I worked, paying a funeral policy in the excess of over R40 000,00. This was deducted monthly by our HR department and paid over directly.

After my retirement from the company, I was never told I had to continue to make payments personally in order for the policy to remain valid. I was under the impression that the policy would be there to be used in situations such as this. To my shock when I contacted them with my policy number and papers, (carefully filed and looked after by Lovey as we all know only, he would do) I was told that they won’t be able to help me.

Nowhere was I contacted in any way only to enquire about any payments not received, or informed that the policy would lapse.

I am now left in the situation that we have no provision in order to finance Lovey’s final arrangements.

In desperation I would like to ask if anyone who knew and loved Lovey could make even the smallest contribution to help me put Lovey to rest.

If you are able and willing to help payments can be made to Carla Koegelenberg

Email: koegelenbergcarla2022@gmail.com

To make matters worse, we also have to pay a daily rate for them to take care of him.

Tana and I have desperately been trying to make a plan to get the money together. I am so sorry to be in the situation that I would need to ask for help from all of you and would never ever do so if I were not in such a desperate situation.

Thank you so much for each of you for what you have meant to me and Lovey and the impact you have had on our lives.

I really appreciate any assistance that you are able to give.

Please help me help her.

God bless

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