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On the 26 of July 2022, our lives changed forever my husband was hijacked and shot multiple times. my husband was self-employed and generated his own income. We are so grateful that my husband’s life was spared, luckily, they didn’t take the vehicle he managed to get away but unfortunately, he’s left with some serious life changes in the process of getting away he drove himself and his work colleague to the nearest hospital which was 25 km away from where the accident happened.

My husband was shot in his neck in his stomach and in his arms, the neck wound damaged some nerves and now his face and his ear are numb, his stomach was just some tissue damage but his arm, unfortunately, was very badly injured and due to his injuries in his arm he lost all use of his arm and his hand. His left arm he underwent a six-hour operation, and his arm now has lots of plates and screws the facial surgeons also worked in his neck and clean the wounds on his neck.

So, on 26 November is going to undergo a second operation with a neurosurgeon who is going to do a nerve transplant. They going to take a nerve from his leg and transplant it into his neck and into his arm because of the injuries in his arm he can no longer use his hand. The second operation as the doctor said, he might gain 65% of the use of his hand but it’s not guaranteed.

He sustained a left humerus fracture in his arm that led to radial nerve damage median nerve damage also near apraxia nerve damage and wrist extension 4/5 damage my husband is now on a temporary Disability Board and no longer does any work himself and due to this he lost 100% of his income it’s only my small income that we currently surviving on. the accident affected our whole life and turned everything upside down. Our kids are still in school and are both going to new grades next year. we also live in a house where we have rent to pay and electricity. So far, we have used up all our savings.

So if we do get any sponsors the donations will go towards the cost of living rent electricity food medical bills travelling to the hospital which is very far the first operation when he was admitted in the hospital was 25 km from our house which is the total of 50 km we travelled two times a day the second operation on 26 November is 35 km from my house in a different hospital in Hillcrest which is 70 km travelled two times a day and with the petrol price rate rising every month we don’t know how we going to get through this.

If any funds raised it will make a huge difference in our lives it will help us with so many things our children look up to their father and he’s their hero but unfortunately is now in a position we’re he can no longer cover everything my husband was very traumatized after the accident he was always a very happy person always make jokes and he always put a smile on everyone’s faces and it breaks my heart to see him in a position as he is in now so I’m just trying everything I can to help and support him in any way possible and to reaching out to the public I believe will help him a lot life is so unfair and so many innocent people get hurt and lose their lives the criminals just no longer care what they destroy and who they destroy just as long as they can keep on hurting breaking destroying stealing this is not fair but by the grace of God we will get through this I will support my husband for as long as possible and I will support him in any way possible so I’m grateful for everyone’s support so far thank you God bless you.


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