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Jaden is a little boy who is non-verbal autistic. His family moved from Congo to South Africa in the hopes of accessing services for him. They have really struggled financially, and have had to move five times. They are now living in a township where xenophobia poses a constant threat. The added dangers for Jaden are that he has no concept of safety, runs out of the house constantly, is unable to speak and does not respond to being called.

At a community level, there is still such a lack of awareness about autism and children like Jaden are often viewed as ill or diseased. This means that he needs to be locked inside while at home.

Jaden’s parents, Ariane and Cesar, work hard. Cesar is a driver, while Ariane has put herself through courses offered by local charities so that she can skill herself in order to provide for her family. She has learned to sew and is making clothing. Ariane also facilitates women’ groups in the hopes of empowering other refugee women.

The family desperately needs to find a safe home to move to, where Jaden can be free.

The aim of this campaign is to raise enough funds for them to find a small home in a safer area.


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