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My name is Elvine Abrahams. On the 03/04/2018 my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. According to the doctor the cancer has not spread to any of his body parts, just on the one lung and the gland. The doctor advised my father that he should wait for an SMS to get an appointment for Groote Schuur Hospital, and if he does not receive the SMS by the end of this month, then he should come in at the Mitchells Plain Hospital in Lentegeur to come get an appointment date, which will only be in two months time.

I’m so scared that in two months time the cancer has spread further for the biopsy to determine if it is aggressive or not. I’m pleading with the public to please help fund for my father’s medical expenses, as I really want him to go to a private hospital. My father, Daniel Duikers, is the only breadwinner in the house. I’m so scared that I will lose my father, I love him to death. If I could take his place I would. I don’t want him thinking about this condition. I’m pleading with everyone in the public to please help us fight this cancer from spreading any further in my father’s body. I honestly do not know what the costs will be as I’ve told my father that we need to play quick and get all the information from a private doctor.

Please help, please.

Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

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