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I will start by saying whether its R5 or R500, anything will help.

I have bipolar mood disorder and this year I have suffered a major depressive episode. My medication was changed while I was out of hospital and I got worse with the change so I was admitted into a mental health clinic. The medication was not working and I continued to get worse until I attempted suicide which meant I had to spend 72 hours in a government holding facility (which was rather traumatic) until I would be allowed admission into a high care facility.

Unfortunately, medical aid only pays for 21 days in inpatient mental health facilities and those days are up so I was discharged. There is no way I can afford the R3000 per day that it costs to be in the clinic but my medication is still being changed to find a solution and I am still unstable.

I really want help but, I can’t afford the treatment and neither can my family. The inpatient facility will give me a safe environment to allow my medication to settle and receive therapy to help me through the process.

I am on a waiting list for a public mental health facility (again not the easiest place to be but I will do anything to get help) but I have been told that this can take up to a month to get in and I am struggling quite desperately now.

I am even on 2 months unpaid leave as I have been declared unfit to work in my state of extreme depression. All I need is the funding so that I can be re-admitted to the high care facility and get well again. Whether it’s R5 or R500 anything will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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