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I’m doing this as i dont have the means to help this person.This person was my best friend for years then life made us drift apart.When we drifted apart he made some poor decisions which lead him down a road of drug abuse which lead to homelessness..While he was homeless and on drugs he found out his mom had cancer but her cancer went into remission.Now a few years later her cancer has returned and she was told that she has 6 weeks to live.

i have spoken with him and he is very depressed and has no idea what’s gonna happen to his younger sister which is 8 years old when his mom’s life gets taken away by cancer so i’ve spoken with him and asked him if i could get him help by getting him off drugs through a rehab and making sure a few months of his mom’s flat is paid for so he could find a job and look after his sister without having to stress about rent while searching for a job would he be interested in something like that, and he agreed completely and was so excited.he was so excited that he wanted to do it at that exact time we spoke but i didn’t have the cash to do so as he’s so worried about his sister he said he will do anything.

But here’s the problem me being me ran my mouth off to quick by offering help i couldn’t afford, now his waiting on me and every day that passes im feeling worse and worse so i have to now look for assistance and then i came across this platform which is so amazing i didn’t know things like this existed where people actually care about others and offer their help to others like i do except i don’t have the cash to do so,thats why im asking people out there to please help me so i can help him and in turn help his little sister stay with her older brother and not be put into the system..Thank you in advance These funds will pay for the flat in advance so there will be no extra stress put on him besides him looking for a job and getting a will help keep them afloat for at least 3 months till he finds a job.He will be put in a rehab and once clean he will be able to live a healthy life with his little sister as motivation as she needs to be with her ou bout as he would say.

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