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TDA Foundation is a faith-based,  non-government entity. It  is a collaboration with ” Prions Pour la RD Congo” and ”TDA Fashion/Wigs”. Prions Pour La RD Congo is an intercessory group which focuses on praying for the well being of the country. This group organizes gatherings where other fellow Congolese come together and pray for our nation. However, we do not want to stop at praying, which is why we have called TDA Fashion/Wigs to join this initiative by adding their skills.

TDA Fashion/Wigs are a Congolese owned company that manufactures wigs. With their knowledge of the product, TDA Fashion/Wigs have offered to help deal with the high rate of prostitution and drug abuse in the DRC, by teaching basic wig-making skills, as well as to empower the youth with the knowledge of starting a business. The two groups have come together and have created the TDA Foundation because we believe that faith without works is dead.(James 2:14-22).

This project requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement.

Our goal as an organization is to accomplish the following:

  • Improve the quality of life for all including the unemployed, women, youth  workers,and marginalized communities in the DRC.
  • To minimize prostitution and drug abuse in the DRC.
  • To promote self-employment and financial freedom.
  • To contribute to the development of the DRC

We hope to further our progress in reaching these goals through the project outlined in this proposal.

Short-Term Goal (6 months – 1 year):

This project will start in Kinshasa, we will be having 2 classes which will be running for 1 year. We believe that during the time we will spend in Kinshasa, we will be able to train several people and assist with job creation and how to kick-start their own business.

Medium-Term Goal (1 year – 3 years):

In the first year of the project, we will be able to train a significant number of people in Kinshasa alone the capital and economic centre considering its High rate of substance abuse and prostitution and also its dense population number. After Kinshasa, we will expand in other provinces of DR Congo starting from Lubumbashi the second largest city. We will have 2 instructors per province for task completion. In 3 years we will be able to cover the major cities of DR Congo.

Long-Term Goal (3 years & Onward):

After covering the major cities, we are aiming to build affordable beauty schools in each province in order to create employment and encourage entrepreneurship. Of the 25000 street children in the DRC’s capital, the majority are young men. But while boys can make money through manual labour, girls often find that prostitution and exploitation are their only option for survival. This brings us to our long-term goal which is to build an orphanage that will accommodate these young girls, and teach them skills that will help them become financially independent.


Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and support.



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