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Huppelland Preschool has provided educational service to the children of Albertinia and neighbouring farms since 1986. Most of the town’s kids through the years came to Huppelland as it was the only preschool in the area.

It has since changed from a preschool rendering a service to kids aged 3 to 6 years, to a preschool having a baby class from 4 months to kids 5 year of age. We expanded so much through the years, had different wonderful teachers throughout the 34 years, had a lot of kids come through our doors, even kids that turned out to become celebrities, but one thing stayed the same, Huppelland always had a wonderful BIG playground! It is the place where we play on the big jungle gym, swing on the swing sets, exercise, practice for events, hold our own Sport events and just have a big place to run around.

Our school building is on its own private lot and the empty property next to the school building is privately owned. All our play equipment is situated on the empty lot, because we do not have the space for all our play equipment on our own property. We have had an agreement for many years with the owner to use it for free and only maintain the grounds and pay the property tax.

Unfortunately, the owner needs to sell the property and with all our annual fundraisers that we do, it is impossible to raise the amount that we need. It will be a disaster for our school to lose the space and it will mean that will be forced to sell our play equipment, swings and jungle gym sets as we simply do not have the space for it on the school property!

It will be such a loss to lose the space as we have had Sport days where the Huppelland kids are teamed up and play soccer and rugby against each other for fun and learning to be part of a team!! The teachers usually each have their own team with 4 to 6 kids in a team and just have fun! The parents then join in the fun and also go head to head against each other like the moms playing soccer last year, it was such fun!!

The playground of Huppelland is the one thing that makes the school standout against the preschools that has since opened and it is just something that we cannot afford to lose!

Please can you donate and help Save our playground!

Thanking you in advance for your support and generosity.


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