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The Special Needs Adapted Program (SNAP) was developed due to the demand for specialized services for children with Autism and other learning and development disabilities. SNAP Education offers an intensive one-on-one tutoring program that is made up of specific goals to progress and develop the needs of that child and at the same time support and train the parents and family.

SNAP also offers an Adapted Caps Curriculum school with Grades 00 – 7. SNAP Academy is a registered independent school that makes use of a variety of teaching methods specifically aimed to benefit the child. We also use different visual teaching methods, aimed at teaching the child to master abstract thinking. The ratio in the classes is one teacher and one assistant to not more than 8 learners as one child with ASD counts for 6 neuro typical children. This makes it possible to focus on the needs of each child.

South Africa does not have sufficient government schools for children with autism and special needs. Many children are on waiting lists of 3+ years before placement and if a child with autism does not receive intervention they regress.

The South African Government has limited funding to support families of special needs children. Early intervention programs are extremely expensive.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared the COVID 19 outbreak a pandemic and the President of South Africa has declared it a national emergency and called for all schools, to close from Wednesday 18 March. Closure of Special Needs Centres like SNAP has caused for heightened anxiety in our children and parents and caused for regression in many of our children due to lack of functional stimulation. Due to countless job losses and salary cuts, many parents and families won’t be able to continue bringing their children to SNAP for much needed support and learning.

SNAP is hosting a campaign to SPONSOR A CHILD with AUTISM. Donations will enable SNAP to help families continue with special care and intervention for their autistic children. Every bit helps!

Please support SNAP and the families of SNAP. We are dependent on your funds to keep SNAP’s door’s open and to give our children the opportunity to reach their full potential.

SNAP thanks you in advance.


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