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I am a Martial Arts instructor wanting to open my own full-time club. I feel I can make a difference in peoples lives by teaching them not only Martial Arts skills but also life skills.

Below is a bit of background on me and what I do.

About Me

• Renier Vos
I started out on my martial arts career by training with some of the best in the country.
– Leon v Blerk, Kuk Sool Won
– Tjolla Louw, Muay Thai
– Wong Li Jian, San Shou, Muay Thai, MMA – Henk Pelser, Shidokan, Kickboxing, K1 – Johan v Heerden, Mixed Martial Arts, self-defense – Kobus Fourie, Mixed Martial arts.

• I started teaching the martial way in 1999 • In school, I was an avid athlete competing in the middle and long distances, cross country and road races.

• I worked as a fitness and aerobics instructor and later as a personal trainer at The Training Edge Health Club in Nelspruit.

• In 2012 I trained the multi-discipline SASCA Champion, Chris won both the Muay Thai and Sport Combat divisions at the annual S.A Sports Combat Association S.A Championships


Mixed Martial Arts, Thai Boxing / K1, Grappling, Fitness. Mixed Martial Arts

• Mixed Martial Arts combines techniques from various Martial Arts. Boxing, Thai Boxing, Grappling make for a well rounded discipline. Thai Boxing / K1

• Thai Boxing, is the national sport of Thai Land and is one of the most effective striking arts in the world.

• K1 is very similar to Thai Boxing, just without the use of elbow strikes. Grappling

• Grappling, we specialise in No-Gi grappling where the main mission is to control and submit your opponent on the ground. This discipline doesn’t use any striking. Tiny Tots Kickboxing

• Kickboxing and basic self-defense for the little ones, aged 5 – 8. This includes fitness, and technique in a fun environment. Fitness

• Combat Fitness, train like a fighter, without contact.

• Hardbody boot camp, boot camp with the focus on cardio and strength.

• Bums and Tums, especially for those wanting to firm up those curves.

• General fitness sessions, just come join us for fun and games while getting fit.


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